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Well DC has FINALLY released the second Batman V Superman Trailer and it's completely BADASS!  Chock full of action and we finally get to see Wonder Woman in action. Also we finally see the motivation for their battle against each other. We see the climatic battle between Zor-El and Superman from the 1st battle but from Bruce Wayne's point of view.

DC is still light years behind Marvel, but with this trailer, the anticipation grows and hopefully Zack Snyder doesn't make Batman suck. A word of advice, just look at the fluidity of Batman's fighting style in Batman: Arkham Knight. That's what the fans want. Just my opinion though. What do you think of the trailer. Let me know.

Robotech A Reality.

March 26, 2015 - Update

Variety has just posted that Sony just acquired the rights to one of my favorite story of all time. For those who don't know, just imagine a story which spans generations, a la Star Wars with blend of  Independence Day, mixed with a little of Transformers. The question is: Can Sony pull this off? 

Read the full article here:

For those who don't know, Robotech is the father to Transformers, cousin to Star Wars. And just like Star Wars, it spans generations. Robotech, an anime cartoon which debut in the 80's is awesome story of love, tragedy and duty. I wrote a draft of this movie about 8 years ago just for fun because I loved the series so much. My log line went as follows: The fate of the human race lies in the hands of fearless soldiers and the Robotechnology of a alien Battleship, which is being hunted by gargantuan, warrior bred species.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic that the powers that be are pushing hard to make this movie a reality. Michael Gordon, the uber talented scribe who penned Zack Synder's 300 and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra is writing the script. If anyone can bring this anime classic to life it's Michael Gordon. (However, Mr. Gordon if you're reading this, I'd be more than happy to share my notes;-) Andy Muschietti is said to direct. 

Fantastic Four Trailer


I think the trailer is great. Reminds me of Interstellar though. What are your thoughts?

Josh Trank, Director of the uber awesome Chronicle and Marvel's next entry into superhero movie domination, The Fantastic Four has released the highly anticipated look of the heroes suits.

I think the best choice they made was signing the talented Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch. Click on the link below to read the article from about this highly anticipated movie.

Let me know what YOU think.

Scarlett Johansson Signs On to 'Ghost in the Shell'

Dreamworks officially announced that one of my favorite anime's is finally coming to the big screen as a live action movie. I remember seeing this groundbreaking anime when it was released in the Village in NYC soho back in 1995. The only thing is: why am I not happy about it? the answer Scarlett Johansson. Do not get me wrong, she is a great actress would fit the role perfectly if she was of Asian decent. Let me make a prediction. Cultures are not going to stand for this blatant disrespect any longer. It seems the only way to get Hollywood to listen is to hurt them where it counts - their money.

Would we see the movie Selma if Martin Luther King was played by Russell Crowe? Would we see a remake of Enter The Dragon if Bruce's character was play by Matt Damon? (honestly, maybe;-) I believe as the 21st century progresses we'll see a massive change with the inclusion of more diverse ethnicities in prominent roles as well as in the background. Here is a list of talented Asian Actress:

I personally wouldn't mind seeing Tao Okamoto, the talented actress in The Wolverine playing Major Motoko Kusanagi, the main protagonist in Ghost in the Shell.