Scarlett Johansson Signs On to 'Ghost in the Shell'

Dreamworks officially announced that one of my favorite anime's is finally coming to the big screen as a live action movie. I remember seeing this groundbreaking anime when it was released in the Village in NYC soho back in 1995. The only thing is: why am I not happy about it? the answer Scarlett Johansson. Do not get me wrong, she is a great actress would fit the role perfectly if she was of Asian decent. Let me make a prediction. Cultures are not going to stand for this blatant disrespect any longer. It seems the only way to get Hollywood to listen is to hurt them where it counts - their money.

Would we see the movie Selma if Martin Luther King was played by Russell Crowe? Would we see a remake of Enter The Dragon if Bruce's character was play by Matt Damon? (honestly, maybe;-) I believe as the 21st century progresses we'll see a massive change with the inclusion of more diverse ethnicities in prominent roles as well as in the background. Here is a list of talented Asian Actress:

I personally wouldn't mind seeing Tao Okamoto, the talented actress in The Wolverine playing Major Motoko Kusanagi, the main protagonist in Ghost in the Shell.