Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

DC has released the next in line from their animated series revolving the main characters from the Justice League following the New 52 revamp of its heroes. Of course as the title suggests it centers on the origins of Aquaman and how he fits into the new DC universe.

Now I'm going to be quick and brief about this and break this into sections without spoiling any of the movie for you.


I am an artist at heart. In high school, I would live and breath comic, not just the stories but down to each artist, inker and colorist. The visuals are beautifully crafted following the action style of the great Jim Lee (one of my favorite artist of all time and in my top ten greatest comic  artist of all time.) However, if you are a fan of Ninja Scroll, you'll see a good symbiosis of that anime style. Their are great fighting scenes that literally had my eyes popping out. (Even some bloody ones which were awesome!)


This was better than average. Not only did it bring me up to speed on Aquaman's origin, but it also had good backstories revolving Cyborg, Superman and Wonder Woman. The pacing was right on point and kept me watching the whole way through. I had one thing on my mind throughout the movie though - can Zack Snyder make Batman v Superman just as good as this or better? Everyone loves a great story, but usually Hollywood tries to hard to give us an emotional story which drives the character. That's what good movie making is about right? Wrong. In this case, I and probably thousands of others want to see out of this world action with the story sprinkled in-between. Just imagine the last 20 mins of Avatar stretched out to about two hours. Anyway, enough of my opinions. The main point is if you are a fan of Anime and Super Heroes, not only see this movie, but add it to your collection, and Mr. Synder if you've watched it I hope you took thorough notes.