Make Your Mark

An exclusive behind the scenes look at how Tim Wen and Chidi Onyejuruwa created Symphony of Senses. This film/video was made for Make Your Mark, A Short Film Competition presented by the Producers Guild of America and Cadillac.

Tim Wen and Chidi Onyejuruwa are the winners of this year's Make Your Mark short film competition, sponsored by the Producers Guild of America and Cadillac.

Symphony of Senses will be screened during the PGA Awards Jan. 24, at the Century Plaza Hotel. A portion of film will be shown in Cadillac’s 30-second spot that will air on ABC during the Oscars on Feb. 22

A back story. I met Chidi 2 going on 3 years ago (Wow, how time flies.) A good friend of mine John connected me with another creative genius, Matt Nye. Wait, let me back up further. John and I met at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida through another friend Arsenio. Now fast forward. I moved to Cali and my friend John hits me up and tells me of another friend, Matt, just moved to Cali to flourish his acting career and we should meet. A couple of days later, I drive to Studio City to meet with Matt and have a creative meeting of the minds. Guess who's Matt's roomate? Chidi. The amazing thing of this Six Degrees of Separation is that I've witnessed the ever humble Mr. Onyejuruwa, aggressively go after his dream. Hustlin' between photography, filming and editing weddings to survive and hon his skills, bringing him even closer to his dream. When it came down to do my project, he selfishly helped me by co-producing and being my DP. That's when I found out about Symphony of Senses. I was one of the few that got a sneak peak at what I can say is hands down one of the best commercials I've ever seen. After I finished, Chidi gave his usual, humble smile. I told him if ya'll don't win this the PGA is dumb and blind. Well, The PGA isn't dumb and blind. They chose the right ones for the win.

That being said. Tonight is all about Chidi and his highly deserved win. CONGRATULATIONS TIM WEN and CHIDI ONYEJURUWA