Avengers/Spider-Man Deal Reached

The rumor of the Spider-Man franchise hanging in Limbo is now over. Sony Pictures and Marvel has reached a historic deal unifying the Marvel universe with its most popular heroes. Not to throw any shade on DC but they are now waaaaay behind on the super hero bandwagon. The only thing they can do to top this is.....

Nothing. Not a damn thing.  But, that's my opinion. Do you think I'm wrong? 

UPDATE: February 11, 2015

I just got wind that Andrew Garfield, which to me is the Christopher Reeves of the Spider-Man universe is going to be replaced. And to top it off, put Spider-Man, yet again in High School and probably have yet another stupid origin of how he came to be.

This is the worst decision ever to come from Marvel and heres why:

Marvel and the rest of the corporate studios believes movie goers are dumb-asses. And like most corporate companies they spend their time trying to people-please everyone. First off, most people are very smart, or if not smart - knowledgeable. Even if you are not a fan of Spider-Man and don’t know who he is and how he came to be, there’s this little thing called the internet which nearly everyone living on Earth has access to through their cell phones. We don’t need nor want another Spider-Man origin film. Maybe a couple of flashbacks but make him fighting 85% of the time in the movie.

Why put him back in high school? Duh, of course it’s to keep a younger demographic so the younger market can grow with the franchise. Great strategy. However, isn’t Spider-Man’s theme: with great power, comes great responsibility? You’re not that responsible in High School. It would be better to have him as a working student. (Yes, like the Sam Raimi version, but not as geeky) Having Peter/Spider-Man go through real life situations will resonate more with all people. Spider-Man is Peter’s out, like boxing is mine. This is why Andrew Garfield works. He gave swag to Spidey. A combinations of confidence, humor and intelligence - exactly what Spider-Man embodies.

Therefore, DO NOT REPLACE ANDREW GARFIELD. I know there’s a pool of acting talent that’s more affordable and can possibly bring life to the character, but we already got to know and love Garfield’s version. However, if you were to change the character from Peter Parker to Mile Morales, Donald Glover is the way to go. A more believable, urban version of Spider-Man would be a hit. A young, ethnic boy raised with great morals in a terrible neighborhood struggles to own up to his responsibilities as a college student and hero - The Spectacular Spider-Man. I like the sound of that. What do you think?