Sorry for the confusion! I "acquired" the trailer and youtube shut it down. Zack Snyder and the folks at DC released the REAL trailer for all to see so here is the official HD quality trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

My review:
I think the trailer does exactly what it was supposed to do - let people know DC is still here and this is a small tidbit of what's coming. That's all well and good. However, I still think it's definitely not enough.

First, there was nothing visually compelling that we've never seen before. Let me explain. Yeah, the Batman uniform looks cool and it's a fanboy's wet dream. A couple of shots of Superman doing his thing, with some people fearing him, labeling him a false god. Others cheer him as a savior. All cool, but so what? As a fan I want to see something unique with this movie and it's characters. Honestly, the last movie that visually blew my mind was the Matrix. The last movie I saw that had awesome fight sequences was the Raid and the Raid 2. Even Marvel's Daredevil (please catch it on Netflix) has some great fight scenes. Now, if you guys see the aforementioned movies you have to think to yourself - why haven't they portrayed Batman like this? It sucks to say, but the Raid movies were low budget compared to Marvel or DC movies, and it completely destroys all of their fight choreography. I know DC is going to copy, but dammit, it better be done greatly! Batman is supposed to be the world's greatest detective and master of ALL fighting arts. I want to see Batman literally break opponents arms and legs when he fights. If Gareth Evans can do it with minimal budget, than Zack Snyder better bring that pain like Method Man.

So my conclusion is: The trailer was - eh, okay. Good design for the Batman suit but it is irrelevant until we see him in action. By the way - where was Wonder Woman?